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Illuminated LED Bridge Pen
Illuminated LED Bridge Pen
Illuminated LED Bridge Pen
Illuminated LED Bridge Pen

Illuminated LED Bridge Pen

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We have searched high and low for a red or green colored pen that illuminates the writing entire writing surface, not just a few letters at a time like some popular navigation pens do.... and we wanted one that writes smoother and is more durable than the competition.

This unique light pen offers a choice of a red or green LED (both optimized to save your night vision) or white LED, which is tucked into the top of the pen (near the clip). Twist the pen bottom to write, click on the top to activate the light. Use the pen at night to make a log entry without having to hold a flashlight with one hand as you try to write with the other. The LED Light Pen runs for hours using three small button batteries, which are located in the top of the pen.

This pen is the perfect solution for watch on the bridge of a ship at night. 

  • Ink Color: Black
  • 3 Cell Button Batteries (included)
  • Made In China
  • Shipped From USA

Notes On Color Choices

White: If you are not worried about your night vision then white is the best choice hands down.

Red: The Rhodopsin contained within the rods in your eyes are less sensitive to the color red within longer wavelengths of light making Red the best color choice if preserving your night vision is critical. 

Green: The advantage to green is that it allows for more visual acuity and better differentiation between colors over red but isn't nearly as harmful to your night vision as white.

Special Note: Intensity is more important than color. All three color choices will harm your color vision if they shine too bright. There are plenty of LED pen lights on the market today (even some that are nearly identical to this one) but most are either too dim (and you can't read the chart) or too bright (and your night vision is effected). This pen has been modulated to emit just enough light to illuminate a sheet of A4 paper