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Myerchin Fixed Blade Knife

Myerchin Fixed Blade Knife

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Used & loved by professional navy, sailors & commerical seamen, this knife is lightweight, possesses extreme strength and will withstand the worst conditions at sea.

Myerchin's Generation 2 B100 Offshore System features handles made from carefully chosen slabs of black G10.   This man made material is impervious to the elements and it is the strongest handle for a knife intended for use at sea. 

The Pro-grade German Marine stainless that we use is comparable to 440C for hardness and edge-holding properties with additional anti-oxidation elements added for the final crafting of our knives.   Extreme strength and moderate weight.   This modern upgrade features a partially serrated blade with thicker steel, lighter overall weight, shackle slot and improved lanyard attachment.  The Classic Sheepsfoot blade design is a modern version of the classic knives used by seamen for centuries. 

It includes a heavy leather sheath, knife, and Myerchin Marlinspike.