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Spyderco Enuff Salt

Spyderco Enuff Salt

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Experienced knife users know how to get the most performance and control out of their knives. For most cutting chores, the closer the material being cut is to the “heel” of the blade (the part of the sharpened edge closest to the handle), the more leverage and control the user will have.

So how much blade is just enough? The answer to that question is Spyderco’s Enuff series—a family of three knives that share a common handle, overall size, and sheath design, but offer distinctly different blade styles.

The H1 Enuff Salt series is nearly impervious to rust and features a serrated sheepfoot blade.

Like all the knives in the Enuff series, this knife is designed to provide enough blade for even the toughest cutting chores, while maintaining a small, easy to carry size. However, thanks to the use of H1 steel, this version of the Enuff is also completely rustproof. All Enuff knives feature skeletonized full tang construction for strength and light weight and identical handle scales injection molded from durable fiberglass reinforced nylon.

H1 Enuff is ideal for use around water, it features high visibility yellow scales that make it easy to locate. Even in murky water.